Monday, 20 February 2012

on getting used to a place

View from Kelvinbridge at dusk

It's harder to get a box of sushi, but there's a higher calibre of scones.

There are endless coffee shops where the fried chicken places should be.

People on the tube aren't always wearing their best shoes. Sorry:  the subway.

Also - you can sit down on the subway. As opposed to being happy when you can merely squeeze yourself through the doors.

The look I find myself going for most often is 'cosy'.

People want you to like it here, rather than commiserating with you about what's so awful.

Conversations with strangers. Rather than one sided chats with strange people at the bus stop, while they talk and you edge away. Nice people wanting to chat.

People enjoying the rain. Honestly, at least two people have claimed this. As long as it's 'proper' rain.


It's a big step for me to say that I actually like it here. I'm having to work out that admitting that doesn't mean precluding liking anywhere else.

By saying I like it, I don't mean that I love it beyond all else. I could like London again, once I'd relearned to ignore my claustrophia. I could like Manchester. (I could really like Manchester, being only 90 mins from my family and the nephews I miss so achingly), Bristol, Bath,, Edinburgh. I could like Berlin or Paris.

But for now, I think I'm starting to like it here too.


  1. Glad to hear you are starting to like it there. x

  2. I've just brought a wee place in North Kelvinside and will be moving to Glasgow in September. Coming from London Originaly - BUT having lived in aberdeen/shire for 9 years, Glasgow will be a cosmopolitan haven. So excited.