Thursday, 19 January 2012


Some of you might know me from the blog I wrote about my wedding, cakesandbunting. I never expected to love blogging so much that I would begin another.

The wedding blog was a bit like the stabiliser wheels on a bike - a little safety net - written anonymously, so that I could talk about the wedding somewhere supportive, without annoying my (then mostly un-betrothed) real life friends. And I was careful to mostly keep it about the wedding and things related to it. (I'm not done there yet, by the way...)

But there's so much more to life than that. Interesting things to talk about and people to meet. Without blogging, I'd have arrived in a new city, just a few weeks after getting married, without a friend to my name. And there's also the small fact that potential new followers keep mistaking me for a wedding cake baker. Naming fail...

Anyway - this is my new-ish home online (or one of them - there's still C&B, and there's even a work-related blog, if you're dedicated enough to find it).

Enough of the rambling. Nice to meet you.

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