Thursday, 19 January 2012

things about me - photos

I was very careful, in my former blogging life, to never reveal too much personal stuff about myself. But that can change a bit now.

One thing I love doing - love, love, love - is taking photos. I've got a stack of old cameras that I'm getting to understand - and in the meantime, snap away with a modern DSLR (Canon 600D) and an old Nikon FM (c. 1969 I believe) that used to belong to my father in law.

Brilliantly forgiving as the new camera is, there's something magic about using the old one that makes even the mistakes, the under and over exposed, the shaky and the slightly shit look sometimes a bit magic.

The camera is currently in for repair (while I frantically save the money to get the light meter sorted) but I like to take photos of people, mostly. Here are some old camera photos from 2011, and a few from 2010 - the birth of a nephew, a trip to France and two weddings...